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The Atlanteans of Earth-16

Atlanteans have a wide variety of appearances. While some look much like normal humans do, they have also been depicted with cephalopod heads, fish-like bodies, and several have been shown that are human in appearance in the upper half of their bodies while their legs were replaced by fish or dolphin tails. Some have visible gills on the sides of their necks. Aqualad is also seen with webbed hands. Atlanteans have the ability to breathe underwater, and some have the ability to manipulate water at will. Although how many Atlanteans have these powers are unknown, it is possible this power is a result of Magic and Sorcery, although not all Atlanteans may possess the cabailities of using it; as some were not seeing using it but rather energy weapons.

Atlantean Royalty:
King Orin
Queen Mera
Prince Orm

Students of the Conservatory of Magic:
Lagoon Boy
Lori Lemaris

Other Atlanteans:
Typical Atlantean Soldiers