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Whiz Wagon of Earth-16

Whiz Wagon

Control: Rm
Speed: Sh-Z
Body: Mn
Protection: Sh-0

Reason: Gd

Known Powers:
The Super-Cycle is a large car-like vehicle. All its powers are conferred on its passengers, giving them the following power stunts:
-Phasing: Mn
-Force Field: In
-Invisibility: In to all senses
-Life Detection: Am
-Teleportation: Am
-Energy Blast: In Energy, 10 areas
-Auto Pilot: The on-board computer is an autopilot when the Forever People are not in the Whiz Wagon and will also chart travel courses for the group. Big Bear pilots the Whiz Wagon, which is the Forever People's primary mode of transportation. It can soar through the sky and phase through solid objects.