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Superman of Earth-16


Clark Kent/Kal-El

F) Am50
A) Mn75
S) Un100
E) Sh-Y200
R) Rm30
I) Rm30
P) Am50

Health: 425 Karma: 110
Resources: Gd Pop: 100

Known Powers:
Kryptonian Physiology: Exposure to a Yellow sun alters a Kryptonian to allow great physical abilities that provide Superman with the Agility, Strength, and Endurance Ranks listed under statistics and includes the following powers:
-Invulnerability to Heat, Cold, Disease, Corrosives, Toxins and Radiation: CL1000
-True Invulnerability: Un protection vs. Physical and Energy
-True Flight: Un airspeeds in atmosphere, CL3000 speed in space.
-Heat Vision: Un Heat, 10 areas
-Hyper Speed: Sh-X speed, Superman possesses hyperspeed. He may perform the following power stunts:
--Substitute for Fighting for multiple attacks and evading. May make up to 3 combat actions per round.
--Substitute for Agility for dodging and catching projectiles.
--Substitute for Intuition for initiative.
-Hyper Breath: Am Cold within 1 area
-Recovery: Superman's body continues absorbing solar radiation even after death. This energy may eventually return him to life making it virtually impossible to kill him. Superman needs an Earth like atmosphere to breath in. His Endurance enables him to last for extended period holding his breath, but in space he will eventually need a space suit. His greater constitution provides little need for sleep, however eventually he will tire and require rest.
Superhuman Senses: Superman has the following heightened senses as shown below:
-Enhanced Hearing: Un
-Microscopic Vision: Am
-Telescopic Vision: Gd
-X-Ray Vision: Un
Solar Absorption and Storage: CL3000, that provides Superman with mass amounts of energy that support all his other powers and abilities. He directs this stored energy to enhance his abilities.


Vulnerable to Kryptonite: Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite. Exposure to Kryptonite causes Superman to lose all his powers at -1cs per round. Superman also loses 1 rank of Strength and Endurance (with his loss of Health) per round until death occurs at Sh-0 Endurance. Removal of the Kryptonite enables a Superman's body to regain lost ranks at a rate of one per round.
Vulnerable to Magic: Against attacks of a Magical nature, Superman's defensive stats are reduced to Pr (ie. Endurance, Invulnerability, etc.). He cannot use his powers or abilities to affect constructs of a Magical nature (he couldn't smash down a magical wall, or break enchanted chains with his strength).
Yellow Sun Power Source: All his powers are based from solar energy of a yellow sun. If Superman is put on a world with a different color sun, the level of his powers gradually drops -3cs every round until they are no more.

Talents: Martial Arts A, C, Leadership, Astro-Navigation, Journalism, Languages (all Human Languages and some Alien including Kryptonian), Kryptonian Lore and Technology, Computers, First-Aid, Repair/Tinkering

Contacts: Lois Lane, Daily Planet, Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent, Batman, Justice League

Clark Kent