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The Riddler Family

The Jokester is the father of Duela Dent, and her mother was Evelyn Dent, aka Three-Face, Earth-3's version of Two-Face. She was raised by Three-Face and her stepfather, Earth-3's version of the Riddler, and together the three made the Riddler Family. When she was finally introduced to her birth father, she dropped cryptic hints which imply that she or her consciousness shifts unknowingly from Earth to Earth - the source of her parental confusion. When the Jokester joined the Riddler Family, Duela revealed that she had been in a relationship with Talon, Owlman's teenaged sidekick. The Jokester denounced her as her daughter and Duela left with Talon moments before the Crime Society stormed their apartment. The Riddler was killed by Ultraman and Three-Face had her arm ripped off by Superwoman, but the Jokester managed to flee the scene.

The Riddler
The Joker's Daughter
The Jokester