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Plastic Man of Earth-16

Plastic Man

Patrick "Eel" O'Brian

F) Rm30
A) Rm30
S) Gd10
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Ex20

Health: 110 Karma: 50
Resources: Ty Pop: 10

Known Powers:
Body Armor: Plastic Man's malleable body provides protection from brute force energy attacks. -5CS damage from blunt attacks, Rm vs. Physical, Ex vs. Energy
Shape Change: Mn ability to transform himself into anything he wants (Like TVs, planes, gliders, ceilng fan, etc) but retains his red and yellow costume motif.
Plasticity: Un
-Form a bouncing ball or coiled spring with Mn agility and Gd land speed.
-Form a glider with Fb airspeed
-Form parachute for up to 4 people
-Gd disguise ability
-Formless puddle to flow through almost any opening
-Am ability to assume any geometric shape
-Am ability to become as thin as paper
-Grapple with Rm strength up to 4 targets
Elongation: Mn, up to 1500 feet

Vulnerable to Heat and Fire: It may not kill him but it causes him to melt down to a puddle of plastic and be totally helpless until he cools down. Plastic Man sees the world as a cartoon.

Talents: Disguise, Detective/Espionage, Crime

Contacts: Justice League