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Doctor Fate of Earth-2

Doctor Fate

Kent Nelson

F) In40/Ty6
A) Rm30/Ty6
S) Gd10/Ty6
E) Rm30/Gd10
R) In40/Ex20
I) In40/Gd10
P) Mn75/Ex20

Health: 110/28 Karma: 155/50
Resources: Gd Pop: 5

Known Powers:
Telekinesis: Am
-Enhancing Strength: Kent may use his telekinetic power to supplement his physical strength to Am. This does not increase his health.
-Flight: Using his telekinsis, Kent may attain Rm airspeeds

The Helmet of Nabu: Doctor Fate's magical powers are broad. These powers are derived from the possession of Kent Nelson by Fate, a lord of Order called Nabu. Fate resides in the Helm of Nabu. When Kent dons the helmet, he only vaguely remembers the experiences of Fate. Nabu who possesses Un Psyche. Made from Un mystical material. While wearing the Helmet of Nabu, Kent may utilise mystical energies to the following effects:
-Alter Ego: Kent Nelson's stats change as shown above
-All Personal spells of Un rank.
-All Universal spells of Am rank.
-All Dimensional spells of Am rank.
-Cosmic Awareness: Rm connection with the Universe.
-Magic Detection: Un
-True Flight: Sh-X
-True Invulnerability: Am
-Immortality: When possessed by Nabu, Kent Nelson's body cannot die.
Amulet of Anubus: The Amulet of Anubus gives Doctor Fate the following power stunts:
-Reality Perception: Dr. Fate can see the network patterns of matter and energy that form the universe with Un ability. This enables the following abilities at Un rank:
--Extradimensional Detection
--Cosmic Perception
--Penetrate illusions by focusing on the true energy patterns
--Perceive the physical and mental condition of a being
--Perceive the occurrences in other realities
--Penetrate concealment and disguises, and see the true nature of matter
--Perceive occurrences beyond the barrier of dimensions
--See through matter.
--True Sight
-Aura Perception: Dr. Fate can virtually see and gain knowledge of almost everything about a person or an object a person has been in proximity with. Seeing an aura can indicate the following:
--The Karma of a character or object
--The Popularity of a character or object
--The Resource rank number of a character or object
--The Health of a character or object
--The rank number of a pronounced ability or object
--The rank number of a pronounced power or object
--The Physical Form of a character or object
-Ability Boost: Dr. Fate may double any one ability or power cast in the same round by making a Psyche FEAT roll. The color result indicates the duration.
--Red: 10 rounds
--Yellow: 8 rounds
--Green: 5 rounds
--White: 3 rounds
--Dr Fate must then make another Psyche FEAT roll or rest for one minute.

Without a mortal host, Nabu cannot remain on the Earthly plane.

Talents: Archeology, Medicine, All Mystical Talents, Cosmic History

Contacts: Mystical Community, Justice Society Infinity