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Doctor Fate of Earth-16

Doctor Fate

Giovanni Zatara

F) In40/Ex20
A) Rm30/Gd10
S) Rm30/Gd10
E) In40/Ex20
R) Ex20/In40
I) Rm30/In40
P) Am50/Un100

Health: 60 Karma: 100
Resources: Gd Pop: 10

Known Powers:
Spells: Un, By pronouncing his spells backwards, he can manipulate pure matter to do her bidding. Has the following abilities:
-Fire Generation: In
-Air Control: In
-Earth Control: In
-Liquid Control: In
-Ice Control: In
-Fire Control: In
-Weather Control: In
-Plant Control: In
-Magical Power Simulation: Un
-Reality Alteration: In

The Helmet of Fate: Un material, The Helmet of Fate is a magical artifact that houses inside it the Lord of Order known as Nabu and works as a symbiote of sorts, allowing a host body to be used by Nabu to become Doctor Fate. When one dons the helmet, they only vaguely remember the experiences of Fate. While wearing the Helmet of Fate, one may utilize mystical energies to the following effects:
-All Personal spells of Un rank.
-All Universal spells of Am rank.
-All Dimensional spells of Am rank.
-Alter Ego: When one puts on the Helmet of Fate, it allows Nabu to control the wearer's body and turn them into the new Doctor Fate. Stats change as shown above.
-Cosmic Awareness: Rm connection with the Universe.
-Magic Detection: Un
-True Flight: Sh-X
-True Invulnerability: Am
-Immortality: When possessed by Nabu, one's body cannot die of old age; however, they can be physically killed.

Talents: Mystic Background and Lore, Resist Domination, Stage Performer

Contacts: Justice League, Zatanna