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The Cult of Kobra of Earth-16

The Cult of the Kobra is a pseudo-religious criminal organization. Its members, called Kobra Cultists, worship their leader Kobra as a living god. Cultists traditionally wear deep red robes with hoods hiding their faces. On June 19, the Cult of the Kobra took control of Santa Prisca from Bane, and began to combine Bane's Venom drug with the Project Blockbuster formula to create Kobra Venom, a far more powerful and permanent variant. This drug was tested out on one of their own members, Mammoth, who then easily defeated a Venom-enhanced Bane. When Young Justice came to investigate Santa Prisca, they discovered Kobra's plan to sell Kobra Venom to Sportsmaster, an operative of The Light. The sale was disrupted and the Venom factory destroyed. Some Kobra Cultists were captured, although Kobra himself escaped.


Known Members:
Typical Kobra Cultists