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Captain Carrot of Earth-26

Captain Carrot

Roger Rodney Rabbit

F) In40/Ty6
A) Am50/Ty6
S) Mn75/Ty6
E) Rm30/Ty6
R) Ex20
I) Rm30
P) Ex20

Health: 195/24 Karma: 70
Resources: Gd Pop: 20

Known Powers:
Captain Carrot Form: Upon eating a "Cosmic Carrot," Rodney is imbued with various superpowers. He gains the following power stunts:
-Invulnerability: Am resistance to Physical and Energy
-Enhanced Speed: Ex
-Enhanced Hearing: Am
-Telescopic Vision: In
-Flight: Am airspeed

Cosmic Carrots: Captain Carrot's powers comes from these Cosmic Carrots. He must eat a cosmic carrot once per day or lose powers. As such Rodney keeps a grow-op to ensure a continuous supply of carrots and keeps two holstered on his costume for recharges when necessary.

Talents: Artist: (Writer), Detective/Espionage, Leadership

Contacts: Zoo Crew