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Batman of Earth-12


Terry McGinnis

F) Rm30/Gd10
A) Rm30/Ty6
S) Am50/Ty6
E) Am50/Gd10
R) Ty6
I) Gd10
P) Ex20

Health: 160/32 Karma: 36
Resources: Ex/Ty Pop: 20

Known Powers:

Batsuit: The Batsuit conforms to the size and physique of its wearer. The Batsuit grants Batman the following abilities:
-Alter Ego: Stats change as shown above. Batman's stats are on the left, Terry's stats are on the right.
-Visual Array: Enhanced visual assistance that allows him the following:
--Night Vision: In ability to see in the dark
--Digital Relay: Visual from the Batsuit can be fed back to the main computer in the Batcave with Am ability; it can also receive visual from the main computer, allowing for superior tactical planning.
--Digital Binoculars: In
-Personal Communicator: Am ability to keep in constant contact with Bruce at the Batcave.
-Body Armor: In protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Resistance to Heat and Electricity: Am
-Resistant to Radiation: Ex
-Built-In Rebreather: 5 hours for underwater combat/exploration.
-Batarangs: Dispensable Batarangs with a range of auxiliary functions, causes Rm Edge or Blunt. Capable of producing Ex Electric Shocks.
-Electrical Discharges: Able to generate Rm Electricity throughout the suit that can be activated by pushing the button on the belt.
-Grappling Guns: Built into the forearms, In material, fires up to 7 areas, used for transportation, Up to 3 areas
-Flashbang Grenades: Rm Blinding to 1 area
-Smoke Pellets: Ex intensity, 1 area radius. All in the affected area at -2CS to performing actions.
-Flexicuffs: Rm material, Ty entrapment
-Launchable Tracers: Fires up to 3 areas, 3-mile range to trace.
-Decioherer: Locates in the tight index finger, Mn ability to decipher a PIN or password.
-Retractable Wings: Am Gliding
-Rocket Boots: In airspeed
-Electromagnetic Pads: Located in the soles of the boots for adhesion to certain surfaces with In ability.
-Sensitive Touch Microphone: Located on index and middle fingers that permits eavesdropping through solid surfaces with Am ability.
-Drug Identifier: Mn ability to identify drugs by dipping fingers into the substance.
-Built-In Cloaking Device: Am Invisibility through blending light
-Retractable Claws: In material, In Edge
-Uplink: Can uplink with the Batmobile for remote piloting, giving Batman +2cs for driving.
-Remote Kill Function: The Batsuit can be externally deactivated the Batcave.
-Belt Buckle: The Belt Buckle also serves as a buzz saw to get out of a room quickly or to cut through In material.

Talents: Student, Acrobatics, Tumbling

Contacts: Bruce Wayne of Earth-12

Terry McGinnis