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Amazo of Earth-16


F) In40
A) In40
S) Mn75
E) Mn75
R) Ex20
I) Am50
P) In40

Health: 230 Karma: 110
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Android Physiology: Amazo is an android built by Professor Ivo. Its very body gives it the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Immune to Disease and Toxins: CL1000
-Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe
Power Duplication: Sh-Z ability to study and copy the abilities of his enemies; however, Amazo must access each hero's abilities separately. During his first fight with the Justice League, he absorbed the powers of 8 heroes. His demonstrated powers were as follows:
-Superman's Strength: Un Strength and Body Armor
-Superman's Heat Vision: Un Energy, 10 areas
-Flash's Speed: Un
-Captain Atom's Atomic Blasts: Mn Energy or Force
-Martian Manhunter's Intangibility: Am
-Martian Manhunter's Elongation: Am
-Red Tornado's Wind Manipulation: Mn
-Black Canary's Canary Cry: Am Sonic


Amazo can only duplicate powers of the Justice League

Talents: Amazo may duplicate talents as well as powers and attributes. Amazo may use up to 1 power at once.

Contacts: Professor Ivo